The GEN II MOD-6_7971

H Carl Ott and Michael Barile recently released the GEN II version of their fabulous MOD-6_7971 Nixie clock, and I ordered several kits from them. The new version adds GPS time synchronization, either via a GPS receiver plugged into the back of the clock, or by using an RF-Link repeater module which talks to the clock over short-range 2.4GHz radio. This clock uses the B-7971 Nixie tube, which displays alphanumeric characters 2½” tall.

The RF-Link lets you completely avoid the problem of needing to position the clock within a few feet of a window or resort to using a bunch of PS/2 extension cords. Now you can put the clock exactly where you want it. The RF-Link remote also includes an indoor temperature sensor and a pushbutton which can be used to remotely turn the clock display on and off.

I have a separate page here describing the clock, but I’m adding a link here so people can find it, and also to facilitate comments (while the actual clock page doesn’t support comments, you can comment here).

Here’s a couple of teaser pictures – click either picture for more info:

MOD-6 Nixie clock

MOD-6 RF-Link

For more info or to order a kit or assembled clock, visit the MOD-6 page at

3 Responses to “The GEN II MOD-6_7971

  • 1
    February 17th, 2012 12:00

    Hi Terri,
    I like this clock very much and am keen to purchase one from Michael Barile. My
    problem is that I cannot find any B-7971 tubes ( search ebay on a daily basis ).
    My problem is confounded by the fact that I am located in the U.K. and that 95%
    of the tubes are in the USA.
    Do you know of a source for the B-7971 tubes or do you have any that you could
    spare ?
    Best regards,

  • 2
    Terri Kennedy
    February 17th, 2012 12:55

    All of my tubes are in use. I purchased them at various times on eBay. I see 4 listed in the UK currently (item 220953104146), but at a bit of a price premium compared to US prices. They do have the advantage of being tested and shown working, though.

    You might try asking on the neonixie-l Google Group – sometimes some of the people there have ones they’re willing to sell, but don’t advertise that in public.

  • 3
    February 17th, 2012 14:30

    Hi Terri,

    I had completely missed that listing !

    Many thanks for that.

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