Modified Baofeng UV-17 Pro CPS software 1.2.4j

My monthly modified CPS release, 1.2.4j was released on the web site today. 1.2.4j provides an updated manual, adds additional radio support, and a few other features and bug fixes.

Here is a complete list of new features and changes in 1.2.4j:

  • An additional ready-to-use voice pack with the “Grace” Irish voice has been added.
  • A bug which caused “Malformed frequency” error messages to appear for international locales that use a comma as a decimal point has been fixed.
  • A Silence.mp3 voice prompt is installed, allowing users to selectively disable various voice prompts as desired.
  • The BF-18H has been added as a supported radio model.
  • Support for the “Dis ANI” setting (added in radio firmware 1.28) has been added to the Radio Function window.
  • A section has been added to the manual describing how to move configurations between different radio models in the UV-17 Pro GPS family.

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