Modified Baofeng UV-17 Pro CPS software 1.2.5k

My monthly modified CPS release, 1.2.5k was released on the web site the other day. 1.2.5k re-bases the code on the factory CPS Version 1.2.5, introduces a new column sort feature, and includes several bug fixes and enhancements.

Here is a complete list of new features and changes in 1.2.5k:

  • The modified CPS is now based on the factory CPS Version 1.2.5, which has some minor internal changes compared to the factory CPS Version 1.2.4.
  • The Help / About box now contains a link to the official distribution site for this modified CPS. A number of unofficial mirror sites have appeared, and they may not have the most recent version.
  • The ability to sort channels based on Rx Freq, Tx Freq, and Name has been added. Refer to Section 4.2 for additional information.
  • Support for the UV-G30 Pro (AKA BF-UV20) radio model has been added to the CPS and Upload Startup Picture tool. Note: The UV-G30 Pro radio model is not yet supported by the Voice Pack Editor tool.
  • A warning message is now displayed if the user changes the radio model after the Radio Function window has been opened. Note: This is necessary because the various radio models support different functions.
  • The user-selected Scan Add/Del setting is now used when the Default button is clicked in the channel list window.
  • The currently loaded filename is now displayed to the right of the toolstrip icons.
  • The radio model dropdown now adds “(w/ zones)” to the model names to clarify that this CPS only works on radios that have multiple memory zones. Baofeng’s model numbering scheme can be quite confusing.
  • The FHSS column in the channel list has been renamed to Encryption to better reflect its usage on the radio.
  • An attempt to paste when more than one destination channel is selected is now detected and reports an error rather than silently doing nothing.
  • The modified CPS no longer auto-disables transmit on frequencies in the 200-260MHz band when entered into channels. It has been reported that newer UV-17 radio versions, as well as other models, produce the expected output power in this band.

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