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Modified Baofeng UV-17 Pro CPS software 1.2.4f

Continuing my series of modified CPS releases, 1.2.4f was released on the web site today. It introduces a number of new features including full Cut / Copy / Paste functionality – within a zone, between zones, and to / from CSV.

Here is a complete list of new features and changes in 1.2.4f:

  • Add full Cut / Copy / Paste functionality – within zones, between zones, and to/from CSV (Comma-Separated Value) files.
  • Fix VFO window scan range limits to 108-136/136-174/200-260/350-390/400-520 to match the radio‚Äôs capability.
  • Display an informational message when selecting a scan range between 108-136 or 350-390 to warn about a bug in the radio firmware that prevents their use.
  • Fix VFO Channel A & B frequency box validation to accept all valid frequencies.
  • Fix Channel window frequency input boxes to accept all valid frequencies.
  • Change the window top menu strip to show the actual radio frequency bands of 108-136/136-174/200-260/350-390/400-520.
  • Change the default language for the radio in empty configs to English.
  • Add a pop-up if selecting a radio model other than UV-17 to request feedback, as I have not tested those models.
  • Fix the write progress bar to auto-close after the user clicks “OK” in the completion pop-up.
  • Restore the ability to install on Windows XP (broken since 1.2.4d).
  • Restore correct 136.5 CTCSS tone (broken since 1.2.4d).
  • Accept frequencies ending with a decimal point (like “146.”) instead of generating an “Error in frequency format” error message.
  • Both the setup program and CPS are digitally signed to prove their authenticity and that they have not been modified or damaged.
  • Provide a complete manual (this document) in PDF form instead of text README file.