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Modified Baofeng UV-17 Pro CPS software 1.2.4g

Continuing my series of modified CPS releases, 1.2.4g was released on the web site today. It introduces the ability to specify transmit frequencies as offsets instead of absolute frequencies, adds a frequency calculator utility, and contains a number of other improvements as well as bug fixes.

Here is a complete list of new features and changes in 1.2.4g:

  • Add the ability to specify an offset for Tx frequency.
  • A frequency calculator utility has been added.
  • Fix error when entering a frequency such as “146.”
  • Fix to actually exit the program when doing File / Exit.
  • Fix occasional exceptions when trying to save to a read-only or otherwise invalid file.
  • Report successful completion after saving a data file.
  • Include the program build date/time in Help / About.
  • Accept additional line delimiters when pasting from CSV files.
  • Make error messages and window titles uniform and add unique codes when an error message can be generated in multiple places.
  • Fix a problem where cutting a channel and then entering an Rx frequency into the same channel does not auto-fill the remaining fields as expected.
  • Only auto-fill the Tx frequency for bands the radio can transmit on.
  • Fix a number of unhandled exceptions when entering frequencies or offsets in the VFO Mode window.
  • Limit the range of valid offsets to -10Mhz to 10MHz in the VFO Mode window.
  • Only auto-fill the Tx QT/DQT column from Rx QT/DQT if the current Tx QT/DQT is set to “OFF”. This solves a problem where changing the Rx QT/DQT on an already-populated channel inadvertently changes the Tx QT/DQT.
  • Handle a case where .dat files generated by a 3rd-party app caused Cut / Copy operations to not populate all of the selected channels.
  • Correct an issue where attempting to add a new channel with a data file loaded could cause the error message “InvalidArgument=Value of ‘-1’ is not valid for ‘index’.”
  • Sort the list of COM ports in the Settings / Port dropdown.
  • Correctly handle cases where software such as Microsoft Excel reformats numbers, for example by changing “462.57500” to “462.575” and that data is then pasted into the CPS.
  • Correct a bug that caused reported “Invalid setting in channel X” errors to show an incorrect channel number (one lower than expected).
  • Do additional validation of frequencies and QT/DQT tones when pasting data into the modified CPS.
  • Allow empty Tx and/or Rx QT/DQT in CSV paste, treated as “OFF”.
  • Add “OFF” and “0” as synonyms for an empty Tx Freq in CSV paste to improve compatibility with other programs.
  • Add the ability to specify a Tx Freq as an offset in CSV paste. Values from -10 to +10 are accepted.
  • It is no longer necessary to click in the Rx Freq column of pasted data in order to enable editing of the other columns in that channel.
  • A bug was corrected where pasting one or more channels would reset the channel’s Tx Freq to the pasted Rx Freq and both Tx and Rx QT/DQT to “OFF” when the channels’s Rx Freq was clicked on.
  • The “Attempt to paste beyond Channel 100” error message will only be displayed once per paste operation instead of once for each channel past 100.