The GEN IIv7 MOD-6_7971

Carl and Michael recently released the latest version of their MOD-6_7971 Nixie clock. This is pretty much the same hardware as before, but uses a higher-powered radio transmitter in the remote GPS receiver so it can be located further from the clock. There have been a huge number of software changes, however. To give you an idea, the version that shipped with the last batch of clocks was V07-09. The version on this batch is V07-53!

A lot of that was me pestering Carl for changes, but there’s also a lot of other neat new stuff in there.

One other new thing is that the clock now has a 67 page user manual written by me. If I may be permitted to brag a little bit (Ok, a lot!) I think this sets a new standard for Nixie clock documentation. You can read it (and the accompanying updating instructions – you can update any of the older clocks to this software) here:

User Manual
Updating Instructions

For more info or to express interest in ordering a kit or assembled clock from a future batch, visit the MOD-6 page at

MOD-6 Nixie clock

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