UPS sucks, yet again…

I stayed home today to receive a package that was scheduled for delivery today. The status didn’t update on the UPS web site until after 7 PM (the time at which corporate magically loses the ability to contact the local UPS facility). Then the status changed to “THE RECEIVER WAS UNAVAILABLE TO SIGN ON THE 1ST DELIVERY ATTEMPT.” This despite the fact that I was home all day and the doorbell never rang and no notice was left at the door, and the claimed delivery attempt was at 2:59 PM, when the UPS driver never gets here before 5:30 PM.┬áSince this fiasco is still in progress, I don’t have any additional info for this rant. However, you might like to look at this PDF file, which documents an “Early AM” shipment from last year which took a vacation from Newark to Kentucky and back to Newark, which “inexplicably” delayed its delivery. Another example of stellar UPS service (not!).

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