Terri Kennedy's web page

Here are web editions of some 19th-century books on tunneling in and around New York City. Of particular interest are:

You can also read about the Hudson & Manhattan / PATH show which was held at the Hoboken Historical Museum in 2003, featuring many items from my collection.

I am also posting some of my original photographs of tunnels and other historical items. So far, the following are available:

I have also made available the text of 21 NYCRR 1050, the rules and regulations for using the NYC subway and surface buses, as these are a frequent topic of discussion among transit fans, and there doesn't seem to be a complete set elsewhere on the web.

Other projects I've been working on include my BMW 325xiT Sport Wagon, Ariel Atom race car, and a web interface to my media collection.

Also available here is the PhatVoice software package.

I have a cat named Tiger, who I got from a rescue group named S.A.R.A., Inc. Tiger has her very own home page here.

I've also started a blog where I'll share my thoughts on a wide variety of stuff.

I am hosting the full archives of the BOC-L (Blue Öyster Cult) mailing list which ran from 1990-2021. You can enter the archives here. Stay as long as you like - this museum never closes.

Thanks to all the people who have written to me with comments about these pages and/or the show at the Hoboken Historical Museum. I'll be making some major updates to the web site in the coming months, including better organization of the existing material and lots of new material. Stay tuned!