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PhatVoice is a freeware add-on to the PhatNoise system which improves on the speech generation capabilities of the PhatNoise Music Manager. It does this in three ways:

The current release is PhatVoice V2.0 of 7-Oct-2003.

Currently available downloads are:

An online copy of the PhatVoice manual in HTML format can be browsed here.

An updated version of the subs.txt file, with many additions and corrections, as well as compatibility with the SAPI 5.4 speech engine, as found in Windows 7, can be downloaded here.
Note that this version may not work with older SAPI engines - if you get "Speak error" warnings, edit the file and change all instances of & to plain old &.

There is also a PhatVoice forum on the PhatHack site - select "PhatHack Forums" from the list on the left to access the forums, or browse the rest of the PhatHack site for useful information.

Additionally, here is the phrase "Welcome to the PhatNoise Car Audio System" as spoken by each of the AT&T Natural Voices, so you can get an idea what they sound like.

PhatVoice is a freeware programming project not associated with PhatNoise, Inc.
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This product incorporates ActivePerl from ActiveState Corporation.
Commercial support for ActivePerl is available through ActiveState at:
For peer support resources for ActivePerl issues see: