Terry Kennedy's Contact Information

Here you will find information for contacting me. The preferred method of contact is email. However, I have provided telephone and US Mail info as well. Please limit use of phone and US mail as they will result in a much slower response than email.

UPDATE - I have disconnected the phone number previously listed here due to the number of clueless people calling me at all hours because they think I'm the skater. Sorry, but if you want to contact me you'll have to email or use the US Mail from now on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While it should be obvious to most people with an ounce of common sense, I am NOT the skateboarder / musician / baseball player / whatever who also happens to be named Terry Kennedy. And I can see why that person does not have any contact info available on the Internet - I have been receiving several phone calls / emails / text messages per week, often at very unreasonable times (for example, a phone call at 4 AM!).

Terry Kennedy
c/o ISPnet, Inc.
2005 Palmer Ave, #591
Larchmont, NY 10538
Phone: [Removed]
Email: terry-www@glaver.org