Sad news - Tiger passed away peacefully on March 11th, 2019. She was surrounded by her loving family and friends when the time came. She had a good 15 years and it was my privilege and honor to be "her human" for the last 12 of those years. -- Terri

Hi! I'm Tiger Cat, a very friendly female Maine Coon mix. Terri adopted me on Saturday, March 24th, 2007 and I'm settling into my new home.

UPDATE! I have some new pictures and a brief description of what I've been doing. They're at the bottom of the page or you can click here to jump right down there if you can't wait.

Here are some pictures of me. I'm sure there will be more as soon as I've investi"cat"ed the whole house.

[At the Vet]

Here I am at the vet, waiting and hoping for a new home. Aren't I the sweetest?
Image courtesy of S.A.R.A. Inc.

Each of the following images is clickable to display a higher-resolution version in case you want to see more of my wonderful cat floof!


When my new human opened my carrier door, I didn't want to come out for a while, since where I used to live I had two other cats and two dogs to share the house with, and I didn't know if my new human had any other pets.

After I while, I sneaked out of the carrier and went to the far corner of the house, down the steps to the basement. My coloring makes me invisible in here, doesn't it?

[A very silly cat]

After letting me acclimate for a while, my new human told me I was being a very silly cat for trying to hide in a radiator, and took this picture of me to prove it.


Since I didn't hear any other animal sounds, I started exploring. Here I am coming back up the steps. This is a big house to explore!

[Camera shy]

Here I am on Terri's bed, investigating. She kept taking flash pictures of me, so I ducked for this shot!

[All settled in]

Here I am on Tuesday, 3 days after moving in to my new house. I like to sit on the bed and knead the bedspread. I also like to cuddle and be petted and get chin scritches from Terri. I think this is going to work out well!

I'm also comfortable enough in my new home now that I can run like a maniac from room to room when I feel like it, and run off to investigate any new sounds that might be interesting (when I first got here, noises scared me).

Terri tells me "I can have all the mice I can catch", but I think she's kidding. The only things I've "caught" so far are her toes when she wiggles them under the bedspread. What a fun game!

September, 2016

I haven't updated my page here in quite some time (going on 9 years now). Part of that is because, being a cat, I don't have any thumbs which makes typing hard. Part of it is because I'd rather Terri (my human) spend time petting me and giving me treats than typing on the keyboard. But a large part of it is that sleeping is very hard work - it makes us cats tired and then we have to take a (cat) nap. Terri has been known to say that "cats are the original Energy Star appliance".

Anyway, right after I created my web page, Terri reached out to my previous humans (big shout out to Melissa & Brian!) to find out what kind of treats I liked, since I wasn't interested in any of the ones she bought for me. Melissa said she didn't remember, but they were crunchy and in a blue bag. That was enough for Terri to find out what they were, and every evening is "Tiger snack" time when I get treats. Sometimes I get so excited that I'm a little careless with where the treat ends and Terri's fingers begin, and she has to tell me "Please, leave the fingers".

[Wonderful cat floof]

Up above, I promised to show you a picture of my wonderful cat floof. Here it is, well worth the wait! I don't really have glowing green eyes - we cats get "green eye" from the camera flash, just like people get "red eye".

I'm a little chubbier than I was 9 years ago, but that's true for all of us, I think!


Here's a more formal portrait.

Anyway, I hope you had fun reading about me. Maybe I can get another update done in less than another 9 years!