This is a collection of links to useful documentation for US Atoms. Some of these links point to the actual information, while others are links to places to purchase materials not available for free.

Due to the nature of the Internet and the way these links are maintained, they may stop working or point to incorrect pages. If you encounter this, please let me know (via the "Contact" link at the bottom of the page) and I will do my best to correct the problem. Likewise, if you know of anything else that should be included here, let me know.

GM Engine Manual Set

The 2.0L LSJ Ecotec engine is covered in document GMP06ANS, available from Helm, Inc. for $135. This 3-volume set covers the entire Cobalt vehicle, but contains lots of useful information on the engine which is not available elsewhere.

GM Transmission Manual

The 2.0L LSJ Ecotec transmission is covered in document GMPT06TURM, available from Helm, Inc. for $50.

Other sources of GM information

There is also a service DVD-ROM that covers both of the above, as well as having service bulletins and other information. This DVD-ROM is for the complete GM product line, not just the Cobalt SS that our engine and transmission are from. This DVD-ROM is normally updated several times per year. The current part number is V200901DVDRETAI, for $400. Note that this disc has a rather annoying form of copy protection and is needed each time you start the application, so be sure to keep it away from grease and other contaminants if you use it in your garage when working on the Atom.

Crate Engine Depot has a web page with illustrated parts diagrams for the engine, with associated part numbers.

Lastly, there is a "Microcat" package available to GM dealers which lets the user browse by part category, search by descriptive text or part number, etc. I don't believe that this is available ouside of the GM dealership organization. It also has a rather byzantine user interface, so your best bet is to cultivate a good relationship with a GM dealer's parts department and have them look things up for you. Showing them your Atom will probably get them interested in helping you beyond what they do for the average customer.

Atom torque specs and hardware list

Brammo provided a PDF to an Atom owner which lists almost all of the hardware and torque specs for the US Atom. A local copy (PDF format) can be downloaded here.

Please note the following changes not covered in that document:

An important addendum to the Brammo table if you have the billet bellcranks:
  • The bolt / locknut attaching the shock absorber to the bellcrank arm should be 12 ft/lbs, not the 33 in the table. This is due to the thinner locknut supplied.
  • The bolt attaching the suspension pushrod end to the bellcrank arm should be 10 ft/lbs as it is going into threaded aluminum on the bellcrank. It is kept from turning by the safety wire.
These numbers are from Jacob at Unique Fabricating.

Aurora Bearing catalog

Aurora Bearing makes the rod ends used on the Atom. Their catalog can be found here and contains various useful pieces of information.

K&N Air Filters

The data sheet for the old-style (corrugated inlet hose) filter can be found here, and the data sheet for the new-style (roto-molded inlet) filter can be found here.

Amsoil Oil Filter

For Atoms with the remote oil cooler / filter option, there is a large variety of oil filters available. My oil analysis guy recommends the Amsoil EAO57 filter, found here.

Oil Analysis

While not strictly speaking documentation about your Atom, oil analysis can provide both trend data (is your Atom running better or worse) as well as comparisons to other Atoms (if you want to be included). I use Dyson Analysis.