The Final Resting Place of BOC-L

These are the message and file archives of the BOC-L mailing list. The list ran from 1990 through 2021 on a variety of servers. The last of those servers was shut down in December 2021 and the remaining material was moved here.

This section is maintained (or at least dusted semi-regularly) by:
Ben Cohen,
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The mailing list posts can be found in the Archived BOC-L List Posts directory.

The following text is from the original README file from 2000 and may not reflect current reality. Please report any errors to us at the addresses above. It is important to realize that email addresses, school / company affiliations, postal addresses, phone numbers, etc. were all collected a minimum of 20 years ago and most will either not work at all or will reach someone who knows not what a "Blue Öyster Cult" is and doesn't want to find out. The offer for volunteers to do a job of re-organizing and updating the stale sections of this web site still stands. Just because this is now a mausoleum doesn't mean we can't have a fancy light show, posters on the walls, and whatever other things the faithful would like to bring. A disco mirror ball would probably be over the top, though.

Welcome to the BOC/Hawkwind Discussion List archives. Contained here are accumulated lyrics, discographies, results of favorite album polls and other useful trivia that faithful BOC and Hawkwind fans love to read through.

Currently most of the files are in this directory with the lyrics being contained in two subdirectories, one for each band (hawkwind-lyrics and boc-lyrics, respectively). The lyrics for BOC are organized according to album, except for "Demon's Kiss" from _Bad_Channels_. The lyrics for HW are less organized, divided into "Live Chronicles", and an entire set of complete and incomplete lyrics. If you'd like to go about sorting these into some other order, let me know and I could probably be fairly easily convinced.

Share and enjoy!

Ben Cohen,
moderator, BOC-L

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