PhatVoice User's Guide

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Chapter 7
Rebuilding PhatVoice from source

In the unlikely event that you want to rebuild PhatVoice from the source code, we have provided some information for you in this section. Normally the way to make changes or add features is to request them from the PhatVoice developers, but given that the way we got involved was by making changes to the original author's source, we feel we should provide you with the same opportunity. In any case, we would like to remind you of your obligations under the PhatVoice license agreement, and we request that if you make any changes, that you send them to us as well so we can consider incorporate them in future versions of PhatVoice.

7.1 Other needed software and prerequisites

As a minimum, you will need:

There are newer versions of both Visual C++ and ActivePerl which may work for rebuilding PhatVoice, but these are the versions it was developed under and we suggest you use them.

7.2 Steps needed for rebuilding

Simply unzip the file into an empty directory (be sure to select the "Use folder names" option or similar when extracting the source files). Then load the PhatVoice workspace using Visual C++'s File / Open Workspace menu item. Use the Build / Set Active Configuration menu item to select PhatVoice - Win32 Release, and then select Build / Build PhatVoice.exe to create the new executable. It will be located in the Release subdirectory of your project directory.

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